Unheard Voices–Unhearing Ears

Unheard Voices — Unhearing Ears

Our Nation’s unrecognized Voices are silenced by unhearing ears.
The Voices speak of human experiments, radiation and our Nation’s injuries.

Voices speak in a language of knowledge,
challenging the Nation’s acceptance as normal,
radiation’s havoc of victims, pain, death, destiny,
and the belief that’s as things must be.

I do not experience their pain and suffering, so feel free of any concern.
I do not see a problem, says the unhearing ear.

The Voices cry-out, don’t weaken my great Nation
with inhumanity and secrecy.
Protect my Nation with pride, the same as I have,
and for which I suffer and die.

Voices speak in a language of suffering. Do not let my life be in vain.
Hear the Echoes and Voices of suffering and future pain.

Let us tell you. Let us teach you.
Please won’t you hear.
Listen to the Voices with caring hearts
and hearing ears.

The Voices came from a vast secret silence. And the Voice is silenced again.
Their Nation’s greatness is diminished by a forgotten narrative —
of an unheard history.