UK-British Nuclear Test Chart

UK and Australian Atmospheric Nuclear Tests

Can offer this info only in reference to the Air Force, but AF SAC units spent 3 month rotational duties to England (Upper Heyford, Lakenheath, Mildenhall, Marham, Sculthorpe and Wyton), attached to the RAF, during the period of the British Nuclear test development. Maybe some vets from other service branches can shed light on presence at UK tests.

Series NameTest NameDateLocationDeliveryYield
*Hurricane03 Oct 1952Monte Bello (Lagoon-HMS Plymouth)Oceanic Surface25 Kt
TotemTest 114 Oct 1953Emu FieldTower9 Kt
TotemTest 226 Oct 1953Emu FieldTower7 Kt
MosaicG 116 May 1956Monte Bello (Tremouille Is)Tower14 Kt
MosaicG 219 June 1956Monte Bello (Alpha Is)Tower56 Kt
BuffaloOne Tree,Round 127 Sept 1956Maralinga (One Tree)Tower13 Kt
BuffaloOne Tree,Round 204 Oct 1956Maralinga, (Marco)Ground2 Kt
BuffaloKite,Round 311 Oct 1956Maralinga, (Kite)Land Airburst3 Kt
Buffalo 4One Tree,Round 222 Oct 1956Maralinga, (Breakaway)Tower11 Kt
GrappleGrapple 1, Short Granite15 May 1957Malden Is, PacificOcean Airburst200-300 Kt
GrappleGrapple 2, Orange Herald31 May 1957Malden Is, PacificOcean Airburst720 Kt
GrappleGrapple 3, Purple Granite31 May 1957Malden Is, PacificOcean Airburst150 Kt
AntlerRound 114 Sept 1957Maralinga (Tadje)Tower1 Kt
AntlerRound 225 Sept 1957Maralinga (Biak)Tower6 Kt
AntlerRound 309 Oct 1957Maralinga (Taranaki)Balloon burst27 Kt
Grapple XRound C08 Nov 1957Christmas IsOcean Airburst1.8 Mt
Grapple YRound Y28 Apr 1958Christmas IsOcean Airburst2 Mt
Grapple ZPennant 222 Aug 1958Christmas IsBalloon-burst-1 Mt
Grapple ZFlag Pole 102 Sept 1958Christmas IsOcean Airburst2.5-3 Mt
Grapple ZHalliard 111 Sept 1958Christmas IsOcean Airburst2.5-3 Mt
Grapple ZBurgee 323 Sept 1958Christmas IsBalloon-burst1 Kt

* First British Nuclear Test.
The UK ceased independent nuclear tests after the 1958 series.
Additional joint underground or storage/transport tests occurred at the NTS and NAFR-Nellis Air Force Range (Nevada) from 1961 til 1991.

Test Locations:
Maralinga Test Range in South Australia (bordering Western Australia), includes the following Sites:
One Tree Site;   Marco Site;   Kite Site;   Breakaway Site;  Emu Field
Includes only atmospheric tests involving “weapons” and “weapons effects”.

Does not include tests involving “safety related tests” of equipment.