The Atomic Veteran Pioneers

(The Movers and Shakers)

This is a special thank you to the courageous men, who were taught to fight and did indeed fight.

Beginning in the late 40s and 50s, when test participants were stricken with cancers, they were silenced by the fears of breaking security oaths and the threatened Court Martials and consequences of of being charged with treason. They suffered and died in silence. They were alone. No one knew.

Decades later a few brave men dared to speak-out and challenge the silence, the secrecy and the injustice. They dared to speak the truth in an effort to let America know what had happened and what was happening to them.

These pioneers forced opened the doors of secrecy which allowed the name “Atomic Veteran” to be spoken and heard. They initiated the sharing of experiences and the joining of forces to reveal and hopefully correct this grave injustice. Their determination uncovered the secreted records which revealed the lies and deceits regarding the safety of radiation while becoming a strong and fearsome presence at Congressional Hearings. Their committed efforts forced the release of most of the limited information we have available today. Their dedication to Justice brought about present day legislation related to radiation exposure. Many widows and wives have joined the continuing fight for justice with efforts to expand and clarify the interpretation of this legislation.

Next the fight will pass to the children. It is hoped that they can continue the struggle for humane and just treatment for those who sacrificed their health and lives for this nation’s security. An accurate history must be preserved and unconscionable human experimentation, and it’s cover-up, must cease to be permitted as a part of this nation’s military service.