Information I’m Looking For

Children of Atomic Veterans

I am also searching for the Widows of Air Force Veterans from the 509th that where sent up in a B-29, B-36, KB-97 or B50 that flew through a Mushroom cloud at IVY and returned radioactive.

I have never been able to find out for sure what kind of plane my father was on at this time, but I think it was probably a KC-29 Air Refueling tanker. Five or Six men on this plane later developed Leukemia of which my Father was the last to die in June 1964. I have a document that lists the First Names and Serial #s of the men I think where on this plane, But in typical military fashion the last names are illegible.

The list is as follows.

  • A2C Lonnie D …  AF19425882
  • 2LT  William L …  AO3022567
  • A1C James R …  AF14423013
  • A1C Albert E …  AF11242780
  • TSG Richard P …  AF13229564
  • MSG Theodore H …  AF6559855
  • A1C Joseph P. Meyer … AF15469563
  • A3C Norman E. Tanner … AF17382933

On December 9th 1954 these men where in the 75th Bomb Wing. Stationed at 3650th Air Force Hospital in Geneva, N.Y. If any one has any information on these men I would welcome an EMail.

I am also searching for historical information on Maj. Gish & Cpt. Albert H. Sweets, and their involvement with the 509th Air Refueling Squad, 509th Bomb Wing and any Atomic Weapons Tests.

If you have any information about the Men listed above, or anyone else that might have been involved please leave me e-mail.