Count of DOD Participants for Each Test Series

Atmospheric Nuclear Test Listing According to Numbers of Personnel

Test Series NameYearLocationNo. of TestsNo. of Personnel
Operation Crossroads1946oceanic140,112 *
Operation Dominic I1962continental3622,600 *
Operation Upshot-Knothole1953continental1118,000 *
Operation Hardtack I1958oceanic3416,000 *
Operation Plumbbob1957continental2413,300 *
Operation Castle1954oceanic612,700 *
Operation Sandstone1948oceanic311,782 *
Operation Ivy1952oceanic211,680 *
Operation Redwing1956oceanic1711,350 *
Operation Teapot1955continental148,700 *
Operation Argus1958oceanic34,500 *
OperationGreenhouse1951oceanic43,200 *
Operation Dominic II1962continental42,900 *
Operation Hardtack II1958continental191,600 *
Operation Ranger1951continental5266 *
Project Trinity1945continental1164 *

* Approximate number of DOD personnel—includes atmospheric test personnel involved in “weapons effects” and “weapons related” tests only.

Does not include test or test personnel involved in “safety related tests” of equipment.

Total number of tests:….214                    Total oceanic:……….100       Total continental:……….114

Total number of personnel:…209,284      Total oceanic:…147,782       Total continental:…61,502

An additional 195,000 military personnel were involved in the clean-up and occupation, some as POWs, of Hiroshima/Nagasaki during and following the bombing of those cities.