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HISTORY UNDERCOVER— History Channel 50 minute production of:

This video presents a no holds barred, no excuses allowed, presentation of DOE and DOD military and civilian human experiments. Interviews of victim’s survivors, investigators, and consientious political advocates paint an outrageously inhumane disregard for human lives. The indiscriminate experimentation of Atomic Veterans, Plutonium victims, and chemical and bacterial testing is exposed. Also mentioned is the violation of the Nuremberg Code.

Interviewees include:

  • Hazel O’Leary, former Sec. of Energy, comments that she felt “appalled, shocked and saddened” by the nonconcerned public and political reaction to the revelations.
  • Eileen Welsome, author of a 1993 Albuquerque Tribune report, of her five year study of 40 and 50 year old records of Plutonium experimentation. She was shocked and disheartened that the final conclusion was “experimentations were wrong but no one’s to blame”.
  • Pat Broudy speaks for the Atomic Veterans and how they were used as experimental subjects.
  • Edward Nevin III, a trial lawyer who filed a 1981 suit on behalf of his father, a victim of Army bacterial experimentation. He learned that our government is protected by “Discretionary Function” a remnant of the “Immunity Doctrine”.
  • Diane Gornay, Minneapolis, Minn. who speaks of a 1952 bacterial experimention in which grade schools were among the targets.
  • Additional concerned individuals, too numerous to mention.

We also see a faint, short, apology by President Clinton to the experimental subjects and families.

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Gallery of U.S. Nuclear Tests
       Includes information specific to each independent and separate “test operation” beginning with “Trinity” and ending with the “Storax Series, which were conducted at the Nevada Test Site and Nellis Air Force Range, and included “Sunbeam” and “Roller Coaster”.
       The first atmospheric test, “Trinity”, occurred on July 16, 1945, in a remote part of New Mexico, 55 miles northwest of Alamogordo, on the Alamogordo Bombing Range, presently called the White Sands Missile Range.
       United States atmospheric and underground tests were conducted between June 1946 and November 1962 in the Marshall Islands (known as the Pacific Proving Grounds – PPG), Christmas Island, Johnston Atoll in the Pacific Ocean, and over the South Atlantic Ocean. From January 1951 through July 1962, atmospheric and underground nuclear tests were also conducted in Nevada at the Nevada Test Site – NTS, (originally called the Nevada Proving Grounds-NTG).
       The July 1962 nuclear test ban treaty banned all above-ground atmospheric tests. Since then all tests have been underground, most at the NTS and some at the Nellis Air Force Range-(NAFR); Nevada, in Colorado, New Mexico, and Mississippi and on Amchitka, one of the Aleutian Islands off the coast of Alaska.Marshall Islands Chronology – 1944 to 1990
Marshall Island Chronology “This draft chronology presents the historical record of events relating to the Department of Energy/Energy Research and Development Administration/Atomic Energy Commission (DOE/ERDA/AEC) medical, environmental, and radiological safety activities in the Marshall Islands from 1946 to 1990.” The DOE account of US Nuclear Testing at the Bikini and Enewetok Atolls, Pacific Proving Grounds provides links, contained in the End Notes, to former “Secret” documents that are not included in the following report.
Marshall Island History is a PDF file of a formerly “Secret” document related to the above DOE draft. This scanned report includes comments of test participants. History of the acquisition of the South Pacific Marshall Islands and the levels and effects of radiation exposures and displacement on the Islanders is recorded.Under the Cold War Cloud
The British Atomic Veteran’s experiences with claims and government denials. They brought their case to the European Commission of Human Rights.”Hot” Planes
A 1946 news dispatch of AAF “Hot” planes at the Crossroads Test. Included are names of crew members.Crossroads Test Report
A comprehensive “Fact Sheet” detailing the purpose, activities and immediate results of the first, 1945, U.S. Atomic Test which took place at the Pacific Proving Grounds. Written by Boley Caldwell, Crossroads participant and NAAV Medical Data Base Custodian.
America Faces The Atomic Age: 1946
Dr. Lloyd J. Graybar —- Ruth Flint Graybar
       “IN July 1946, two atomic bombs of the Nagasaki type were tested at Bikini Atoll in the Pacific in a widely publicized military exercise known as Operation Crossroads.”
       This article shows the aura of the times, 1946, which surrounded the emerging atomic power and it’s mysteries, the fears and hopes for world peace and the US struggle for superiority. Information regarding the Crossroads segment of the US Nuclear Test Program is more readily available because the publicity surrounding this operation was also meant to display to the world the awesome power of US weaponry and to instill fear in any future aggressors.
       The research for this article was funded by grants from the Earhart Foundation of Ann Arbor,Michigan, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and the Faculty Research Committee of Eastern Kentucky University.Castle-Radiological Nightmare
Report written by William (Jay) Brady, NAAV Legislative Advisor and participant of the Castle series tests. Mr. Brady was a Principal Health Physicist with Reynolds Electrical and Engineering Co. Inc., a contractor for the DOE, and spent thirty-five years in radiological safety at the Nevada Test Site.