Certificates of Test Participation


The following certificates were issued to many but not all nuclear test participants. The ones which include the test name were distributed by the Department of Defense or the Atomic Energy Commission. The spoof type of certificates were distributed by various bases or units.
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Contributed by Kim Hoaglund, daughter of George Floyd Jr.,

Kim asked that anyone else with this Certificate contact her at [email protected]

My fathers name was George Floyd Jr., from the Minneapolis Minnesota area. He was an honorary member of the (Order of the Guniea Pig), and was aboard the Albemarle AV5 during Operation Crossroads in the Pacific, around 1946-1947, for the Baker Shot. The “Grand Council, Exclusive Order of Guinea Pigs” is a paper given apparently to each service man aboard the ship that day. The order of the guinea pig is outlined with native women, mermaids & water spouts. The center is a drawing of the water mushroom that contains ships, planes etc.
The inscription states:

Grand Council, Exclusive Order of Guinea Pigs

To all loyal brother pigs, Greetings,
Know Ye, that (Name )
having, through an exaggerated sense of patriotism
subjected your body to the rigors attendant to atom bombs,
hundred foot tidal waves, mermaids,vampires, sand fleas,
typhoons, mal-de-mer, canned beer, cannibals, etc.
is by this writing accorded full status as a brother pig
and all brothers are hereby commanded
to give him due recognition as same,
under penalty of being driven from the common trough.

Given under my hand this 25th day of July 1946.

Signed by an attendant and the Capt. USN

The left hand corner contains the ships seal in red, center bottom is the name and picture of the ship.

I also have a copy of the ships paper ” Tender Times” that was printed after the bomb test.

The five following certificates were contributed by:
Sally, daughter of:
John “Jack” Stephens Davis
1915 – 1959

He participated in Ranger and/or Buster/Jangle (1951); Ivy (Fall,1952); Upshot-Knothole (Spring 1953); Castle (Winter 1954); and Teapot (Spring 1955).

Employed as a civilian at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio.
He is survived by his widow, Betty, as well as daughters Susan and Sally.

Sally would like to hear from others who have these same certificates.
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