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February, 2001

OCTOBER 22, 2000

JULY 16, 2000

  • The US Veterans Court of Appeals has developed a new pilot program with a search engine that allows you to search Case Dockets and Court Decisions and Opinions.
    **Some mind boggeling numbers appear when you enter the word "radiation" into their search engine.

  • "The following proclamation was issued by Alaska's Governor Tony Knowles concerning July 16 as a 'Day of Remembrance'. I ask vets around the country to thank Governor Knowles, himself a military veteran."
    Thanks, Terry T. Brady, Alaska State Commander NAAV.

    • Executive Proclamation by Tony Knowles, Governor. The wish to have our Atomic Veterans recognized is often expressed by their families. Please contribute your input and letters to encourage the annual national recognition of Atomic Veteran sacrifices and casualties. Our representatives need to HEAR how strongly we believe in this deserved acknowledgement.

MAY 25, 2000


MAY, 2000

  • Letter to Atomic Veterans and families from Terry T. Brady, Alaska Commander NAAV

  • President Must Address Veteran's Side of Nuclear Nightmare
    A U.S. Newswire release from Al Lance, national commander of the American Legion. He addresses the ineguities of Atomic Veterans compensation programs versus those included in the proposed compensation program for nuclear plant workers.
    "If medical records are lost, the sick worker gets compensated. If there is uncertainty about the origin of the cancer, the sick worker gets the benefit of the doubt."
  • Nuclear Exposure Compensation Plan Ignores Atomic Veterans
    A Disabled American Veterans' news release also covers the same inequalities as noted in the previous Plant worker compensation program.
    "The DAV said the federal government is clearly treating veterans exposed to ionizing radiation by a different and inequitable standard."

APRIL, 2000

  • Information regarding President Clinton's expected announcement of 22 radiogenic diseases found among nuclear plant workers. (See March, 2000 entries, this page)
    Provided by: Wendy Kruger from correspondence she received from Paul J. Seligman, MD, from the Department of Energy
      "... analysis is under way and will be completed by March 31, 2000....As currently drafted, this legislation only addresses workers at certain DOE facilities and does not address workers at the Nevada Test Site". [Or Pacific Proving Ground Site which is often forgotten by our political leaders.]
  • Lane Evans' News Release -- (Includes his website URL)
    News Release from Congressman Lane Evans of Illinois, Democratic Leader of the House Veterans Affairs Committee. He provides an explanation and details of the VA's latest stonewalling tool, the requirement of veterans to first prove a "well-grounded" claim before a claim will even be processed. His Bill would clarify and reinforce the VA's duty to assist veterans in developing "well-grounded" claims.

MARCH, 2000

  • March 11 added the following.

  • Dr. Bertell's related Senate Veterans Affairs address includes the results of the studies mentioned in President Clinton's announcement: (Oak Ridge); (Hanford); (Savannah River); (Rocky Flats); plus (Sellafield,UK); "One can only conclude that it is direct fault of the Atomic Bomb research itself which is being used to deny medical care to the veterans in their legitimate claims resulting from low dose exposures." Dr. Bertell also argues for compensation to the children of Atomic Veterans.



  • Chart of UK Atmospheric Nuclear Tests,--lists names, locations, yields and years.

  • Test Reports and Miscellaneous
      Gallery of US Tests--An excellent source of individual test histories.
      Marshall Island Chronicles--Unclassified documents and chronological histories of occurances during the Marshall Island tests at Bikini and Enewetak. There are two entries for this subject.

  • Atomic Veteran Pioneers--Revisions to an existing entry to include additional information regarding the dedicated efforts of the Atomic Veterans to gain Justice.

  • DNA "Historical ?" Volumes--Nuclear test personnel report numbers and sources.

  • Voices of Spouses and the Next Generation--The addition of this section is meant to provide a method of contact for those wishing to share experiences.

  • Contact your Congressman--A DAV sponsored link to your Congressional Representatives. Enter your zip code and their names and E-mail links appear.