U. S. Veterans Court of Appeals Website

U. S. Veterans Court of (Claims) Appeals Website

The US Veterans Court of Appeals has developed a new pilot program with their stated intent to provide, “for viewing and retrieving”, information for claims pending before The U.S. Court of Veteran Appeals. “Unless otherwise indicated, all information on this system is public information and is available to copy or distribute.”

A search engine allows you to search Case Dockets and Court Decisions and Opinions.
**Some mind boggeling numbers appear when you enter the word “radiation” into their search engine.

Provided is information regarding Forms, Fee Schedules, Appeals, Stay Orders and Court Rules and Procedures. Included is an explaination of the full procedure employed by government lawyers in the denial of claims. This government agency has even compiled a “Public List of Practitioners” to make it easy for a claimant to select one of the VA’s chosen lawyers.

The URL is: http://www.vetapp.uscourts.gov//