Hiroshima , Japan .......August 5, 1945......15,000ton of TNT yield power

Nagasaki, Japan...........August 9, 1945......21,000ton of TNT yield power

These 2 occurances are not technically classified as tests

TRINITY 07/16/1945 Alamogordo, New Mexico 21 kt tower

Originally the Pacific Proving Grounds (PPG) was also referred to as the Bikini Proving Grounds or the Enewetak Proving grounds. NTS stands for Nevada Test Site, originaly referred to as the Nevada Proving Grounds or NPG.

Able 06/30/1946 Bikini (PPG) 21kt. airdrop
Baker 07/24/1946 Bikini (PPG) 21kt underwater

X-ray 04/14/1948 Enewetak (PPG) 37kt tower
Yoke 04/30/1948 Enewetak (PPG) 49kt tower
Zebra 05/14/1948 Enewetak (PPG) 18kt tower

Able 01/27/1951 NTS 1kt airdrop
Baker 01/28/1951 NTS 8kt airdrop
Easy 02/01/1951 NTS 1kt airdrop
Baker-2 02/02/1951 NTS 8kt airdrop
Fox 02/06/1951 NTS 22kt airdrop

Dog 04/07/1951 Enewetak (PPG) 81kt tower
Easy 04/20/1951 Enewetak (PPG) 47kt tower

1st thermonuclear

05/08/1951 Enewetak (PPG) 225kt tower

1st boosting principal

05/24/1951 Enewetak (PPG) 45.5kt tower

Able 10/22/1951 NTS <0.1kt tower
Baker 10/28/1951 NTS 3.5kt airdrop
Charlie 10/30/1951 NTS 14kt airdrop
Dog 11/01/1951 NTS 21kt airdrop
Easy 11/05/1951 NTS 31kt airdrop

Sugar 11/19/1951 NTS 1.2kt surface
Uncle 11/29/1951 NTS 1.2kt crater

Able 04/01/1952 NTS 1kt airdrop
Baker 04/15/1952 NTS 1kt airdrop
Charlie 04/22/1952 NTS 31kt airdrop
Dog 05/01/1952 NTS 19kt airdrop
Easy 05/07/1952 NTS 12kt tower
Fox 05/25/1952 NTS 11kt tower
George 06/01/1952 NTS 15kt tower
How 06/05/1952 NTS 14kt tower

Mike 1st hydrogen 10/31/1952 Enewetak (PPG) 10.4Mt surface
King 11/15/1952 Enewetak (PPG) 500kt airdrop

Annie 03/17/1953 NTS 16kt tower
Nancy 03/24/1953 NTS 24kt tower
Ruth 03/31/1953 NTS 200ton tower
Dixie 04/06/1953 NTS 11kt airdrop
Ray 04/11/1953 NTS 200ton tower
Badger 04/18/1953 NTS 23kt tower
Simon 04/25/1953 NTS 43kt tower
Encore 05/08/1953 NTS 27kt airdrop
Harry 05/19/1953 NTS 32kt tower
Grable 05/25/1953 NTS 15kt airburst
Climax 06/04/1953 NTS 61kt airdrop

Bravo 02/28/1954 Bikini (PPG) 15Mt surface
Romeo 03/26/1954 Bikini (PPG) 11Mt barge
Koon 04/06/1954 Bikini (PPG) 110kt barge
Union 04/25/1954 Bikini (PPG) 6.9Mt surface
Yankee 05/04/1954 Bikini (PPG) 13.5Mt barge
Nectar 05/13/1954 Enewetak (PPG) 1.69Mt barge

Wasp 02/18/1955 NTS 1kt airdrop
Moth 02/22/1955 NTS 2kt tower
Tesla 03/01/1955 NTS 7kt tower
Turk 03/07/1955 NTS 43kt tower
Hornet 03/12/1955 NTS 4kt tower
Bee 03/22/1955 NTS 8kt tower
Ess 03/23/1955 NTS 1kt crater
Apple-1 03/29/1955 NTS 14kt tower
Wasp Prime 03/29/1955 NTS 3kt airdrop
HA (High Altitude)40,000ft 04/06/1955 NTS 3kt airdrop
Post 04/09/1955 NTS 2kt tower
Met 04/15/1955 NTS 22kt tower
Apple-2 05/05/1955 NTS 29kt tower
Zucchini 05/15/1955 NTS 28kt tower

Wigwam 05/14/1955 Pacific N29W126 30kt underwater

Lacross 05/04/1956 Enewetak (PPG) 40kt surface
Cherokee 2nd hydrogen 05/20/1956 Bikini (PPG) 3.8Mt 1st thermonuclear airdrop
Zuni 05/27/1956 Bikini (PPG) 3.5Mt surface
Yuma 05/27/1956 Enewetak (PPG) 190tons tower
Erie 05/30/1956 Enewetak (PPG) 14.9kt tower
Seminole 06/06/1956 Enewetak (PPG) 13.7kt surface
Flathead 06/11/1956 Bikini (PPG) 365kt barge
Blackfoot 06/11/1956 Enewetak (PPG) 8kt tower
Kickapoo 06/13/1956 Enewetak (PPG) 1.49kt tower
Osage 06/16/1956 Enewetak (PPG) 1.7kt airdrop
Inca 06/21/1956 Enewetak (PPG) 15.2kt tower
Dakota 06/25/1956 Bikini (PPG) 1.1Mt barge
Mohawk 07/02/1956 Enewetak (PPG) 306kt tower
Apache 07/08/1956 Enewetak (PPG) 1.85Mt barge
Navajo 07/10/1956 Bikini (PPG) 4.5Mt barge
Tewa 07/20/1956 Bikini (PPG) 5Mt barge
Huron 07/21/1956 Enewetak (PPG) 250kt barge

Boltzmann 05/28/1957 NTS 12kt tower
Franklin 06/02/1957 NTS 140tons tower
Lassen 06/05/1957 NTS 0.5tons balloon
Wilson 06/18/1957 NTS 10kt balloon
Priscilla 06/24/1957 NTS 37kt balloon
Coulomb-A 07/01/1957 NTS zero surface
Hood 07/05/1957 NTS 74kt balloon
Diablo 07/15/1957 NTS 17kt tower
John 07/19/1957 NTS about 2kt rocket
Kepler 07/24/1957 NTS 10kt tower
Owens 07/025/1957 NTS 9.7kt balloon
Pascal-A 07/26/1957 NTS slight shaft
Stokes 08/07/1957 NTS 19kt balloon
Saturn 08/10/1957 NTS zero tunnel
Shasta 08/18/1957 NTS 17kt tower
Doppler 08/23/1957 NTS 11kt balloon
Pascal-B 08/27/1957 NTS slight shaft
Franklin Prime 08/30/1957 NTS 4.7kt balloon
Smokey 08/31/1957 NTS 44kt tower
Galileo 09/02/1957 NTS 11kt tower
Wheeler 09/06/1957 NTS 197ton balloon
Coulomb-B 09/06/1957 NTS 300ton surface
Laplace 09/08/1957 NTS 1kt balloon
Fizeau 09/14/1957 NTS 11kt tower
Newton 09/16/1957 NTS 12kt balloon
Rainier 09/19/1957 NTS 1.7lt tunnel
Whitney 09/23/1957 NTS 19kt tower
Charleston 09/28/1957 NTS 12kt balloon
Morgan 10/07/1957 NTS 8kt balloon

Pascal-C 12/06/1957 NTS slight shaft
Coulomb-C 12/09/1957 NTS 500ton surface

Yucca 04/28/1958 Pacific N12 W163 1.7kt balloon
Teak 08/01/1958 Johnson Island area 3.8Mt rocket
Orange 08/12/1958 Johnson Island area 3.8Mt rocket

Cactus 05/05/1958 Eneetak (PPG) 18kt surface
Fir 05/11/1958 Bikini (PPG) 1.36Mt barge
Butternut 05/11/1958 Enewetak (PPG) 81kt barge
Koa 05/12/1958 Enewetak (PPG) 1.37Mt surface
Wahoo 05/16/1958 Enewetak (PPG) 9kt underwater
Holly 05/20/1958 Enewetak (PPG) 5.9kt barge
Nutmeg 05/21/1958 Bikini (PPG) 25.1kt barge
Yellowwood 05/26/1958 Enewetak (PPG) 330kt barge
Magnolia 05/26/1958 Enewetak (PPG) 57kt barge
Tobacco 05/30/1958 Enewetak (PPG) 11.6kt barge
Sycamore 05/31/1958 Bikini (PPG) 92kt barge
Rose 06/02/1958 Enewetak (PPG) 15kt barge
Umbrella 06/08/1958 Enewetak (PPG) 8kt underwater
Maple 06/10/1958 Bikini (PPG) 213kt barge
Aspen 06/14/1958 Bikini (PPG) 319kt barge
Walnut 06/14/1958 Enewetak (PPG) 1.45Mt barge
Linden 06/18/1958 Enewetak (PPG) 11kt barge
Redwood 06/27/1958 Bikini (PPG) 412kt barge
Elder 06/27/1958 Enewetak (PPG) 880kt barge
Oak 06/28/1958 Enewetak (PPG) 8.9Mt barge
Hickory 06/29/1958 Bikini (PPG) 14kt barge
Sequoia 07/01/1958 Enewetak (PPG) 5.2kt barge
Cedar 07/02/1958 Bikini (PPG) 220kt barge
Dogwood 07/05/1958 Enewetak (PPG) 397kt barge
Poplar 07/12/1958 Bikini (PPG) 9.3Mt barge
Scaevola 07/14/1958 Enewetak (PPG) zero barge
Pisonia 07/17/1958 Enewetak (PPG) 355kt barge
Juniper 07/22/1958 Bikini (PPG) 65kt barge
Olive 07/22/1958 Enewetak (PPG) 202kt barge
Pine 07/26/1958 Enewetak (PPG) 2Mt barge
Quince 08/06/1958 Enewetak (PPG) zero surface
Fig 08/18/1958 Enewetak (PPG) 20ton surface

Argus I 08/27/1958 South Atlantic S38.5-W11.5 1-2kt rocket
Argus II 08/30/1958 South Atlantic S49.5 -W8.2 1-2kt rocket
Argus III 09/06/1958 South Atlantic S48.5 -W9.7 1-2kt rocket

Otero 09/12/1958 NTS 38ton shaft
Bernalillo 09/17/1958 NTS 15ton shaft
Eddy 09/19/1958 NTS 83ton balloon
Luna 09/21/1958 NTS 1.5ton shaft
Mercury 09/23/1958 NTS slight tunnel
Valencia 09/26/1958 NTS 2ton shaft
Mars 09/28/1958 NTS 13ton tunnel
Mora 09/29/1958 NTS 2kt balloon
Colfax 10/05/1958 NTS 5.5ton shaft
Hidalgo 10/05/1958 NTS 77ton balloon
Tamalpais 10/08/1958 NTS 72ton tunnel
Quay 10/10/1958 NTS 79ton tower
Lea 10/13/1958 NTS 1.4kt balloon
Neptune 10/14/1958 NTS 115ton tunnel
Hamilton 10/15/1958 NTS 1.2ton tower
Logan 10/16/1958 NTS 5kt tunnel
Dona Ana 10/16/1958 NTS 37ton balloon
Vesta 10/17/1958 NTS 24ton surface
Rio Arriba 10/18/1958 NTS 90ton tower
San Juan 10/20/1958 NTS zero shaft
Socorro 10/22/1958 NTS 6kt balloon
Wrangell 10/22/1958 NTS 115ton balloon
Rushmore 10/22/1958 NTS 188ton balloon
Oberon 10/22/1958 NTS zero tower
Catron 10/24/1958 NTS 21ton tower
Juno 10/24/1958 NTS 1.7ton surface
Ceres 10/26/1958 NTS 0.7ton tower
Sanford 10/26/1958 NTS 4.9kt balloon
De Baca 10/26/1958 NTS 2.2kt balloon
Chavez 10/27/1958 NTS 0.6ton tower
Evans 10/29/1958 NTS 55ton tunnel
Humbolt 10/29/1958 NTS 7.8ton tower
Mazama 10/29/1958 NTS zero tower
Sante Fe 10/30/1958 NTS 1.3kt balloon
Bianca 10/30/1958 NTS 22kt tunnel
Gandymede 10/30/1958 NTS zero surface
Titiana 10/30/1958 NTS 0.2ton tower

Adobe 04/25/1962 Christmas Island 190kt airdrop
Aztec 04/27/1962 Christmas Island 410kt airdrop
Arkansas 05/02/1962 Christmas Island 1.09Mt airdrop
Questa 05/04/1962 Christmas Island 670kt airdrop
Frigate Bird 05/06/1962 Pacific (PPG) rocket
Yukon 05/08/1962 Christmas Island 100kt airdrop
Misilla 05/09/1962 Christmas Island 100kt airdrop
Muskegon 05/11/1962 Christmas Island 50kt airdrop
Swordfish 05/11/1962 Pacific (PPG) low underwater
Encino 05/12/1962 Christmas Island 500kt airdrop
Aardvark 05/12/1962 Christmas Island 500kt airdrop
Swanee 05/14/1962 Christmas Island 97kt airdrop
Chetco 05/19/1962 Christmas Island 73kt airdrop
Tanana 05/25/1962 Christmas Island 2.8kt airdrop
Nambe 05/27/1962 Christmas Island 43kt airdrop
Alma 06/08/1962 Christmas Island 782kt airdrop
Truckee 06/09/1962 Christmas Island 210kt airdrop
Yeso 06/10/1962 Christmas Island 3Mt airdrop
Harlem 06/12/1962 Christmas Island 1.2Mt airdrop
Rinconada 06/15/1962 Christmas Island 800kt airdrop
Dulce 06/17/1962 Christmas Island 52kt airdrop
Petit 06/19/1962 Christmas Island 2.2kt airdrop
Otowi 06/22/1962 Christmas Island 81.5kt airdrop
Bighorn 06/27/1962 Christmas Island 7.65Mt airdrop
Bluestone 06/30/1962 Christmas Island 1.27kt airdrop
Sunset 07/10/1962 Christmas Island 1Mt airdrop
Pamlico 07/11/1962 Christmas Island 3.88Mt airdrop
Androscoggin 10/02/1962 Johnson Island 75kt airdrop
Bumping 10/06/1962 Johnson Island 11.3kt airdrop
Chama 10/18/1962 Johnson Island 1.59Mt airdrop
Calamity 10/27/1962 Johnson Island 800kt airdrop
Housatonic 10/30/1962 Johnson Island 8.3Mt airdrop

Little Feller II 07/07/1962 NTS low surface
Johnnie Boy 07/11/1962 NTS 500ton crater
Small Boy 07/14/1962 NTS low tower
Little Feller I 07/17/1962 NTS low shaft

Starfish Prime 07/09/1962 Johnson Island 1.4Mt rocket
Checkmate 10/20/1962 Johnson Island low rocket
Bluegill 3 Prime 10/26/1962 Johnson Island submegaton rocket
Kingfish 11/01/1962 Johnson Island submegaton rocket
Tightrope 11/04/1962 Johnson Island low rocket

OPERATION ROLLER COASTER: Four storage/transport tests in May & June 1963 as joint US- UK venture at Nellis Air Force Range (NAFR)

For additional underground tests through September 1992 see DOE/NV-220 (rev.14) available from U. S. Department of Energy, Nevada Operations Office, P.O.Box 98518, Las Vegas, Nev 89193-8518