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Dedicated to all US Atmospheric Nuclear Weapons Test Victims.

1. Atomic Veteran Participants

2. Atomic Veteran’s Widow/Widower and Children

3. The American Public – also exposed to radioactive fallout from nuclear testing

4.The Atomic Veteran Pioneers


This website supports and honors our past and present day US Military Forces as they again step forward to protect this nation’s freedoms and lives.

Atomic Veterans have served this nation with pride and we ask all Americans to support, appreciate and honor the service and sacrifices of all   American military men and women as they are again called on to protect the freedoms of this nation. Let us  remember that the end of war does not mean an end to the costs of war.  The ongoing cost of war are sadly reflected in the many injuries and damaged lives of veterans and their families.
America’s recognition and appreciation, of the results of our soldier’s sacrifices, is needed after combat as much as it was applauded during combat.


Included on this site are sources of information for veterans and their survivors regarding the promised benefits these veterans deserve by virtue of their service to our nation.

This web-site was set-up originally to search for fellow (Paul Tibbets Group) 509 Bomb Wing nuclear test participants of “IVY”. See:
Information I’m Looking For:   and    My Father’s Story:

It then evolved into a “help” site to assist those people, who because of secrecy, know little about the veteran’s participation and the resultant medical consequences.  Hopefully this site can also assist in the reconstruction of those lost years.

Site Information Includes:

Nuclear Test Chart:   series and test names, dates and locations of US Atmospheric Nuclear tests in the Pacific Proving Grounds (PPG) and Nevada Test Site (NTS) from 1945 til 1963’s cessation of above-ground nuclear testing.

Count of DOD Participants for Each Test Series:

UK-British Nuclear Test Chart:   list series and test names, dates and locations of joint US-UK Atmospheric Nuclear tests at the Australian Islands of Monte Bello, Christmas, Alpha, Malden and the test sites at Emue, and Maralinga, from 1945 til 1963.

Historical DNA Nuclear Test Reports:   “United States Atmospheric Nuclear Weapons Test Personnel Review” — “Prepared by the Defense Nuclear Agency for the Department of Defense.”
Lists report numbers and how to get copies.


Helpful tips:   for doing a search for records and additional information, what personal information to include on a request for records and comments regarding DNA Nuclear Test Reports.


NAAV Medical Data Base registration: ( All names are confidential.)

Since the government has failed to collect or publish morbidity data on exposed veterans, this is presently our best way of establishing data for legislative and scientific verification. You need not join or be a member of NAAV to register a veteran test participant, (deceased or living) with radiation related medical problems. Since the existing data base was not established until 1992 it is imperative that prior deaths related to ionizing radiation exposure be recorded for statistical purposes.

Atomic Veteran Certificate designed by NAAV specifically for the Atomic Veteran. This certificate is designed to include the complete story of the veteran’s nuclear test participation and may be requested by veterans or survivors.


Radiation Induced Noncancerous Medical Conditions:

A newsrelease (dated Oct.1999), reveals new evidence which indicates that radiation exposure also leads to serious noncancerous medical health problems. The Life Span Study (LSS-E85) report, from the Radiation Exposure Research Foundation (RERF) describes a small but statistically significant association between radiation dose and deaths in the atomic bomb survivors of Hiroshima/Nagasaki. The foundation scientists found an increase in the incidence of cardiovascular conditions such as heart disease and stroke, as well as pneumonia, noncancer blood disease and chronic liver disease.


President Clinton to announce the results of a new commission report: (March,2000)

The report is expected to reveal an increased incidence of 22 radiogenic diseases found in nuclear plant workers.

U. S. Veterans Court of Appeals Website

Legislative Updates:

Check out the latest legislative activities on behalf of the Atomic Veteran.


DAV Message From Mr. Violante – National Legislative Director.

(June) DAV has added a legislative advocacy feature to their web page … The site allows you to send a prepared E-Mail message concerning the current Veteran issues which are presently before Congress, by simply entering your zip code … “We begin to see action from our elected officials only when we show them that we are aware of the issues facing Veterans today and that we are holding them accountable for their decisions.” You may find this at http://www.dav.org.

Many of the problems and struggles that the Atomic Veterans and survivors have with the VA can only be brought to light by your input to your representatives. Your voice is needed to bring about necessary changes.

Atomic Veterans are asked to forward to the DAV, your name, address, phone number and information regarding exposure to ionizing radiation. They also wish to hear of any successful claim results and any problems with claims. Forward information to: Disabled American Veterans

DAV National Service and Legislative Headquarters
National Service Director
807 Maine Avenue,
SW Washington, DC 20024
Att: Keith D. Wolf

Information is used as supporting evidence for legislative purposes on behalf of the Atomic Veteran.


Information from Pat Broudy regarding additions to Presumptive Medical Diseases: She explains a little-known precedent set for the Vietnam Vets and Nuclear Plant workers which could be used to bring about Equal Justice for Atomic Veterans.

Searching for San Francisco Naval Shipyard Workers (former Naval Radiological Defense Laboratory). San Francisco Weekly news reporter is seeking workers for a story regarding the decontamination of ships used at Bikini … [let’s say Pacific Proving Grounds].

Executive Proclamation by Tony Knowles, Governor of Alaska, for the designation of July 16 as a “National Day of Remembrance”, forwarded by Terry Brady, NAAV Alaska Commander.

“National Day of Remembrance” – Request to Congress to sponsor a “National Day of Remembrance”,

Letter from Terry Brady, NAAV, Alaska Commander:

The following request was received from Terry T. Brady, Alaska Commander NAAV

From Pat Broudy, Former NAAV Legislative Advisor:



Brookhaven National Laboratory has been awarded funds to do urine analysis to detect Plutonium 239 in Atomic Veterans. You may be told that a urine analysis can detect Plutonium 239 even if internal deposition took place 36 to 53 years ago. Supposedly, if Plutonium is not detected, then you were not exposed. Don’t believe it and don’t submit to such a trap by giving urine samples. William Brady, Scientific Advisor for NAAV states that, “When Plutonium 239 oxide from bombs or any other insoluble radioactive nuclide is breathed into the lungs it stays there or migrates to the lymph nodes where it causes cancer of the lungs or lymph nodes and other diseases. Only very small amounts of these nuclides are coughed up and swallowed and are then excreted in feces. Amounts in urine are nil and cannot be detected, so don’t let the government or its contractor sucker you into this trap.”


Nasopharyngeal Radium Therapy:

If you were in the Navy or Air Force during the 40s or 50s you may have received nasopharyngeal treatments for Aerotitis Media (swollen throat tissue which causes hearing loss) caused by rapid pressure changes in the middle ear. An estimated 8,000 to 20,000 service members were treated until about 1960.

A radium tipped rod was inserted into the nose and left there for several minutes. Each series was repeated every two or three weeks.

Several published studies indicate an increased risk of head and neck cancers. Veterans who recall treatments should inform their doctors and those who believe they have health problems should contact the nearest VA.

Public Law 105-368 authorizes examinations and treatment of head and neck cancers for veterans already enrolled in VA health care. Documentation, from military records, may be required for all other veterans.


Attorney Representation for Readjudicated Claims:

A 1992 US District Court decision ruled the $10.00 fee limitation for Atomic Veterans to be “unconstitutional”. This makes it possible for Atomic Veterans and survivors to hire attorney representation (without fee limits) for the appeal process of a radiation exposure claim. (info submitted by Andy Hawkinson)    Pat Broudy, ( NAAV Legislative Advisor), notes that “According to recent information from the Federal Register, the VA is no longer paying attorney fees for representation before the Court of Veterans Appeals (COVA) or the Board of Veterans Appeals (BVA)”.


Veterans Service Organizations:

Addresses for more info on VA recognized VSOs. This is only a short listing of service organizations that will help veterans, widows and dependent children.
You will be able to find local representatives from these sources.


Where to get records:

These addresses are in addition to those provided by the Veterans Service Representatives.

Get Radiation dosimetry and badge readings from Bechtel, Nevada.
Very detailed info on what records to ask for and the procedure to use.

If you get a negative report it only means that they have no record. Many records have been destroyed and a great number of participants, especially prior to 1955, were never badged, hence- no records. But some of the records reportedly “lost” in the ’73 fire have been found.


Diseases related to ionizing radiation exposure:

Presumptive Diseases a brief overview with claim requirements and 38CFR3.309 Link

Radiogenic Diseases a brief overview with claim requirements and 38CFR3.311 Link

Dependents Indemnity Compensation – (DIC) a brief overview of survivor benefits and claim requirements.


38CFR – Code of Federal Regulations:

A direct link to the regulations used by the VA for the determination of Atomic Veteran claims. No need to search for them, just click.


VA Medical, Pension and Compensation Benefits    Included information:

  • Ionizing Radiation Registry Program (this includes a “free exam”).
  • Program for Veterans Exposed to Radiation
    • A. List of “Presumptive” conditions presumed to be caused by radiation exposure.
    • B. List of “Non-Presumptive” conditions which require proof of participation and
           medical proof that a condition is the result of radiation exposure.
  • VA Health Care Programs
  • Dependents Indemnity Compensation-DIC
  • Survivor Benefits
  • Survivor Benefits Plan-SBP
  • Disability Compensation
  • Retirement Pay (and how it relates to service-connected medical care and compensation).
  • Disability Pension
  • VA Programs for Older Americans


Radiation Exposure Compensation Program — RECA:

Information regarding a $75,000 pay-off for veterans and survivors of radiation exposure.


Addresses made to the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee:

These addresses contain information regarding:

  • (Mr. Jay Brady) – The fallacies of the presently used “dose reconstruction” of radiation exposure:
  • (Mr. Violante-DAV) – The very limited percentage of benefit awards for radiation exposure claims:
  • (Dr. Rosalie Bertell) – The false premises and conclusions effecting radiation exposure research:
  • (Sen. Rockefeller) – A study presention which includes information pertaining to the “Nuremburg Code” and it’s relationship to the US nuclear test program.
  • (Dr. Rosalie Bertell) – Statements regarding the inconsistancies of government sponsored studies versus independent studies proving the effects of radiation exposure.


The Atomic Veteran Problem:
What’s the problem?

Unheard Voices–Unhearing Ears


Genetic Effects of Ionizing Radiation:


Voices of Spouses and the Next Generation:

The experiences of the families, the widows/widowers, sons, daughters and grandchildren of the Atomic Veteran, is the continuing story of the U.S. Nuclear Test Program. The purpose of this addition is to give a voice to those who have not been heard but have also been effected.


Collection of Nuclear Test Histories

A collection of various essays, videos, newsclippings, reports (most non-government) and miscellaneous nuclear test information.


Certificates of Test Participation


HREX Record Sources:

Addresses for VA record centers may be a starting point for record searches for patients of Human Radiation Experiments. Some military members and VA veteran patients were further subjected to radiation experimentation following their US Nuclear Test experiments.

Also see “DOE Achre Report; Chapter 10” listed among “Relevant Links”.


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Presidential Memorial Certificate:

A Presidential Memorial Certificate (PMC) is an engraved paper certificate, signed by the current President, to honor the memory of honorably discharged deceased veterans.
NOTE that this is not the same as the recently-established Cold War Recognition Certificate, which can be awarded to living veterans of the “Cold War” era, 1945 to 1991.



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